• DANGER Risk of electric shook

    Turn off the appliance and remove the main plug prior to performing any care and maintenance work. Repair work and work on the electrical components may not only be performed by an authorized customer service. You can rectify minor faults yourself with the help of the following overview. If in doubt, please consult the authorized customer service.

  • Machine refuses to start

    Plug in machine.

    Try another socket.

    Replace fuse. Switch off other machines.

    Try without the extension cord.

  • Fluctuating pressure

    Check that hoses and connections are airtight.

    Clean and replace or refer to local distributor.

    Clean and replace or refer to local distributor.

  • Machine stops

    Check that the mains voltage corresponds to specification on the model tag.

    Leave the washer for 5 minutes to cool down.

    Clean the nozzle.

  • Machine pulsating

    Allow machine to run with open trigger until regular working pressure resumes.

    Check that the water supply corresponds to specifications required NB!

    Avoid using long, thin hoses (min. 1/2").

    Clean the nozzle /Clean the filter.

    Straighten out hose.

  • Machine starts, but no water comes out

    Wait for pump/hoses or accessory to thaw.

    Connect inlet water.

Care and maintenance
  • High pressure hose

    The high pressure hose is specially constructed with reinforced walls it can be easily damaged and should be stored carefully.

    • Do not kink.

    • Do not drive vehicles over the hose.

    • Do not expose the hose to sharp edges or corners. Misuse will lead to ballooning or premature failure and will invalidate warranty.

  • Clean the filter in the water connection

    Clean the filter in the water connection regularly.

    • Remove coupling from the water connection, and rinse with warm water to prevent any foreign matter from clogging the pump.

    • Remove the spray wand from the gun. Remove any dirt from the nozzle hole and rinse.

    Clean the nozzle with the needle clean-out tool provided .